All Baroque


Violin bow around 1730, clipping frog.

Basel Museum.

Weight: 55 gr.

English violin bow around 1720, clipping frog.

Ashmolean Museun Oxford.

Weight: 52 gr.

Italian violin bow end XVII century.

Weight: 50 gr.

French violin bow model Tourte Pere middle XVIII century.

Weight: 51 gr.

Italian violin sonata bow, end XVII century.

Weight: 48 to 50 gr.


French viola bow middle-end XVII century.

Weight: 62 gr.

Viola bow inspireted Tourte Pere.

Weight: 58 gr.

Viola bow end of XVIII century.

Weight: 62 gr.


Cello bow, end XVII century.

Weight: 77 gr.

Cello bow, end XVII beginning XVIII century.

Weight: 81 gr.

Viola da gamba

Bass Viola da gamba bow XVII century clipping frog.

Weight: 74 to 77 gr.

Bass Viola da gamba bow inspirated model Marin Marais.

Weight: 81 to 86 gr.

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